More changes

For those of you badasses that came to Massacrefest or the show at Jimmy's Pub the night after, thank you! Both were excellent and we had good times for the most part.

A couple changes to the website: we've removed the totally useless and lame Press Kit and replaced it with a Biography that will be updated on an ongoing basis.

We've had some merch that hasn't been pushed on the website yet and that a few of you die-hards might have come across or purchased recently.

  1. Age of Shadows - the graphic novel by Andrew Sabretooth Page (now a First Order Castito) featuring the lineup of Caste of Shadows + 1 old member who dies I think. Excellent artwork and very well thought out all around.

  2. Stickers! - really cool because they have the Green Skull on them! Buy one next time you see us; they're really cheap.
I don't know if anyone is watching these because you're all to cheap to hit up the Circle Pit (above). First 3 people get a free sticker or CD or something. We'll work it out.

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